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Release: v0.15.6

Mon, Mar 18 2024

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Stacks has had an embedded tiny HTTP service which exposes the underlying clip store as an API for a while now. But it's only been available in dev mode. Version 0.15.6 of Stacks makes this available in release mode.



The API is hosted on a Unix domain socket, in the app's data directory. You can actually just query it with curl:

curl --unix-socket \
  ~/'Library/Application Support/stream.cross.stacks/store-v3.0/sock' \

But you'll want to symlink the application binary to a location on your system's PATH. For example:

sudo ln -s \
  '/Applications/Stacks.app/Contents/MacOS/Stacks' \


When run this way, stacks operates as a tiny HTTP client, and exposes your clip store as a CLI tool. You can get the contents of a specific clip:

$ stacks <clip-id>

In the meta-panel for a given clip, the clip id is now copyable on click. This is useful for grabbing a clip id to use on the command line.